“Christmas” With Taylor

Updated: Jan 20, 2021


A couple months ago, I learned that Taylor wasn’t going to come home for Christmas and I took it a lot harder than I had expected. So I worked extra hours at both of my jobs and saved literally every penny I could so that I could go see him in January for a make-shift Christmas.

However, I have come to learn that nothing in the military is ever certain. Taylor came home for Christmas and it was absolutely wonderful. I still booked a flight and a hotel to visit Taylor anyway because why not? I already saved the money and took off the time from work.

So, last Thursday I packed my bags and closed the gap between me and Taylor. We did so many things this weekend that it would take a novel to describe all of it. We went and saw two movies, went bowling, I ate at a waffle house for the first time, went to an aquarium, went ice skating, bar hopped around downtown, watched the last few episodes of “Friends,” took a tour of a military ship and a submarine and so much more.


We went to see two movies over the weekend: Daddy’s Home and The Revenant. It was our first time seeing a movie together which is kind of crazy since we’ve been dating for almost a year now. Despite my facial expression they were actually really good movies!


In Chicago it was 0 degrees outside so driving around South Carolina with the windows down and no coat, hat, scarf or gloves was ahhh-mazing.


We also went bowling. I toss the ball down the lane like a 4-year-old so it was really no surprise that Taylor won both games.


We also went on a tour of a military ship with a flight deck and a submarine. Taylor wanted to show me all the stuff he has been learning and what he’s going to be doing so that was really interesting to see. It was cute to see his face light up when telling me all about nuclear reactors and how these vessels operate. Like how turbines work and the chemical reactions of the nuclear reactor to the equation of light and other things that are as complicated as that that I can’t even begin to try and explain or repeat back.

Taylor literally touched everything on the sub too and was turning wheels and knobs which was fine because nothing on the sub works anymore. But the best part was when he turned one of the alarm knobs and it actually started going off and I’ve never seen someone freak out like he did. I laughed for a good five minutes.


It was slightly windy on the flight deck and my hair obviously wasn’t cooperating…


I also found this really cool poster on one of the submarine walls and I fell in love with it instantly. It is currently the screensaver on my phone.


Taylor LOVES hockey but he has never been ice skating before so that was on our bucket list. I used to do figure skating when I was little and did shows and things like that so I was talking a bunch of smack to Taylor about how I was going to skate circles around him. So, we get onto the ice and it turns out that Taylor is a regular Patrick Kane and was skating around like it was nothing and I was the loser clinging to the side of the wall. So the caption, “She can’t skate” is 100% accurate.

This whole trip was absolutely amazing and made me realize a lot of things about our relationship. I spent 24 hours a day for four whole days with this kid and not once did I get sick of him or wanted to go home. All he did was make me laugh and feel comfortable. I saw him make some little kid laugh at the ice skating rink and it made me realize that one day I want him to be the father of my kids.  I got a little taste of what it might be like to live with him and I absolutely loved it.

I think the biggest thing I realized is that I can’t really imagine my life without Taylor anymore. I’ve never been so sure about someone in my whole life.

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