Closing the Distance: How to Start Your Move Two Months Ahead

Freaking out is an understatement. I am officially two months out from picking up my entire life, moving it across the country and I am a complete melting pot of emotion. One minute I’m thrilled to move and looking up decorations on Pinterest and ten minutes later I’m driving to work teary-eyed.

I’ve known for quite a while now that I am an anxious person and to combat that, I have to take things slowly, make lists and get shit done one step at a time. I’ve really taken this move as an opportunity to re-create life, get rid of all the clutter, all the old clothes, jobs, memories and things that no longer serve a purpose to my life.

So, here we are. Two months out, I’m working slowly to get myself in the best shape I can physically, mentally, emotionally and financially and I already feel like I’ve made quite an impact…

Make a running list of things you need to get done

I am constantly thinking about this move. Whenever something I need to do beforehand or something I need to buy when I get there pops into my head, I will jot it down in this running list I have going in my planner.

Lists have always helped me get my life together and it eases my anxiety to see it on paper. Not to mention, it helps to not forget anything.

Having a working list going two months ahead of schedule also gives me ample time to get everything I need and get it all done without rushing at the last minute. You can never plan too far ahead or be too prepared.

Send boxes of things in the mail to your new home

I do not have hundreds of dollars to drop on a moving truck so I am literally packing up my little two-door car to the brim and driving it across the country myself. To make that easier, I’ve sent a box or two to Taylor full of things that I want there but don’t necessarily use everyday such as my winter coat, hats, some coffee mugs, some of Taylor’s hoodies I’ve hoarded over the years, etc. More room and more space for an easier move.

Go in as debt free and with as much money as you can

My number one goal these next few months is to arrive in Washington with no debt and a solid chunk of money. I don’t really have a job lined up for when I get there and I would like to have the time to look for a job I’m going to truly love. On the flip side, your girl still needs to eat so a nice little financial cushion is a necessity.

I paid off my car a few months ago, paid off my credit card and now I am on a mission to save up a hefty chunk of dough.

 Go to the dentist, the doctor and the mechanic

Along with having a healthy sum of money, I would also like to have a healthy body and a working car. I’ve spent the past few weeks making sure I am all up to date on my health and that my car has had an oil change and inspection. The last thing I need is to get out there and have to scramble to find a doctor or a good mechanic right away without having a steady income.

Spend one day going through all of your papers

I typically keep all my important papers in an accordion folder in my desk, however, lately that folder has been bursting at the seams with papers, paychecks and receipts from the dinosaur ages. I will definitely be taking that folder when I go but I don’t need to take that receipt from two years ago for that box of tampons and ice cream I bought at Target.

Spend a day sorting through your socks, underwear and clothes

I currently have a system going in my closet… if I wear something, I’ll toss it in my hamper and wash it, of course.  When I hang it back up, it goes on a different side of the closet. That way when I get a month to a few weeks away from my move I can have a visual representation of what things I actually wear and what I think I wear but really don’t; the things I wear constantly are towards the back, the things I haven’t really worn are towards the front. Goodwill is about to get restocked for sure.

Any torn or tattered underwear, worn out socks or shoes are being thrown out as well.

Start to “use” things little by little

I am a lotion/perfume-aholic on the way to recovery. Not even kidding, at one point I had about 50 some odd bottles of lotions and perfumes on my dresser which I thought was really cool at the time. Fast forward some months and years later and all my lotions and the money I spent on them turned stale or started to smell weird because I couldn’t use them fast enough.

Besides perfume and lotion, I also have travel bottles of mouthwash, conditioner and hairspray. I have enough tea bags to hydrate the UK, enough lip balms to get me through a summer in the desert and enough candles to open a church. I don’t want to waste those things or have those things waste space when I move. I’m also not too fond of dumping all of that mess onto my parents either.

For the sake of saving more money and minimizing my possessions, I’ve stopped buying new products and have stuck to using up everything I have at home first.

Breathe in…and breathe out

I’ve caught myself, numerous times, in full on anxiety mode: sweaty hands, tight chest, mind racing, happy, anxious, terrified, a mix of all three. And every time I have to remind myself that my move is still two.months.away. I still have a full 60 days to get things done and most importantly to enjoy my time with my family and friends. There is no need to rush and there is no sense in worrying about anything else than what is happening in the present. Be mindful, be happy and be grateful.

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