How to Spend Quality Time, Even From Miles Away

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Whether you share the same address or are separated by distance, quality time is essential for any relationship. Those who experience the joys and challenges of a long-distance relationship know all too well the difficulty of spending time with one another from miles away.

The key to spending time together in a long-distance relationship is to shift how you interact. Learning how to spend quality time, even from miles away, is an important aspect of closing the gap of distance to feel connected.

Change the Perception on Quality Time

Quality time has to look different when you are not in the same location. The key is to change the perception on quality time to remove any frustration of not being able to be in the same place. Meaning, when you are far away from your partner, take away the jealousy of other couples that get to spend time in person. Recognize the beauty and depth to restructuring how you spend quality time with the person you love by giving open space for creativity to be with one another, even from miles away. When you can restructure how you spend quality time, it can lead to deeper intimacy and greater relationship satisfaction.

How to Spend Quality Time

How you spend quality time with your partner to make a long-distance relationship work is entirely up to, but there are a few ways that can help the distance feel less. Whether you just want to stay online and video chat, or you want to include your partner in a piece of your day, quality time is essential for connecting with one another. 

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Read a Book To One Another

For many who are far away from their partner, there is a large gap between time zones. Different time zones can often mean one or both of you are extremely tired from a long day or early morning. Reading a chapter, or even a couple of pages to your partner can fill in the gap of tired conversation with a sense of connection. Pick an old favorite or new book to read for a soft moment of being together.

Video Chat Dinners

Sharing a meal together can mean a lot in showing up for one another’s lives. Consider taking your computer with you to the dinner table and enjoying a meal together over video chat. Even though you cannot be with one another in person, having a little date night from miles away helps bring the gap of time and distance closer.

Play a Game

If you both enjoy playing games, consider playing a game together online or each pulling out a deck of cards. From simple to more complicated games, it can spark laughter and enjoyment just being in one another’s company online. Find a game that works for the both of you, so you can enjoy the quality time you spend together.

Quality Time is About the Two of You

Spending quality time with your partner is truly about being together. Studies reveal that those in long-distance relationships develop a deeper bond than those who are geographically closer because they have to learn new ways to connect.

Whether you are doing a video chat dinner date or are reading a chapter from a book, the time you spend with your love is important. Make the most of it and truly cherish the time to connect with one another on a deeper level for better communication and stronger bond in love.

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Jennifer Craig is a long distance relationship success story. She started SurviveLDR for women who want to survive and thrive in long-distance relationships. For more advice on how to make long-distance relationships work, follow her on Instagram, like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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