How to Plan a Welcome Home Scavenger Hunt for Your Significant Other

Taylor has been pretty grumpy lately (for good reason too) so I went last weekend for two days to cheer him up a bit. It was a normal morning when we woke up. We got up, took a shower, got dressed and went to Waffle House for breakfast. As we sat at Waffle House waiting for our food I asked, “Do you have tape at home?”

“Tape? I don’t think so. What do you need tape for?”

“Nothing. Never mind!”

We ate breakfast and left. Taylor pulled up to his house to drop me off before he went to work and I asked, “How about paper? Or a pen? Do you have any of that?”

He dug a pen out of his NWU’s pocket while saying, “Like computer paper?”


He handed me the pen.

“No, I don’t think so. What are you doing?”

“Nothing. That’s okay. I’ll find something. Have a good day at work! I love you!”

I kissed him quickly and hopped out of the car.


I ran inside and got my computer, turned on some music and got to my “sketchy” work. I decided that I wanted to do something fun to cheer him up so I thought to do a scavenger hunt for when he came home!


First, I had to decide where I wanted the hunt to start… I chose to write a note and leave it on his front door (turns out he did have tape and paper!). You could also start it with a text, a snapchat, a letter in the mailbox. Anything creative!

Next step was deciding where I wanted to hide the clues. I sat at his kitchen table and wrote down a list of places in his house that I wanted to hide things. In case you would like ideas, here is what I came up with: under the bed, his ashtray, the dishwasher, his peanut butter’s pocket, under a can of soup, by his dog’s picture, in the washing machine, under the doormat.

Then, I decided creative ways for him to get the clues. I wanted one clue to be given to him via Facebook, another clue I wanted to give him via snapchat and I wanted to give him some type of “tool” to get one of the clues. My tool turned out to be a pair of cooking tongs so he could reach the next clue that was in the washing machine.


The last step of planning was to write out the exact order of the clues and which ones I wanted to be snapchatted, which ones went on Facebook, etc. This all had to be precise.


Taylor’s dog’s name is Goose. This clue was for the framed picture he has of his dog.

I wrote out all of the clues in order on pieces of paper and placed them in their respective places. The most important step after this is to do the hunt yourself and make sure you placed the clues in all the right places and in the right order. You only get one shot at this!

I decided that my ending would be me sending him a snapchat of my feet while sitting in his shower.

I set all of this up and patiently waited on the couch by his front window until I saw his car turn the bend to his house. At that point, I threw myself off the couch (rather dramatically) and ran full speed from the living room into his bedroom, skidded around the corner and made a beeline for the bathroom. I collapsed into the seat in the shower and patiently waited.

The door slowly opened and I heard those big clunky boots move about the house. I texted him that if he needed any hints to text me and made sure that my phone’s ringer was off and the light screen was dimmed. His boots clunked around the house and he laughed a few times.


At last, he opened the bathroom door, tore open the shower curtain and we both died of laughter. We laughed, talked about the clues for a second and where he got tripped up and then he gave me a hug.

I didn’t fix any of the problems that have been going on lately in his life but I did make him happy for a solid ten minutes and to me that was worth every second. Plus, this is great for keeping the fun in a relationship alive. I’ve seen people do a similar hunt but added in dart guns and had an all out war! You can sex it up a bit, have the scavenger hunt lead to a present you bought them, make it really tricky or make it a piece of cake. The creativity is endless.

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