How to Save $50 By Not Checking a Bag at the Airport

Updated: Dec 9, 2020


A few months ago, I became familiar with the idea of minimalism or the idea that we don’t need things to be happy. We only need what is essential to life to be happy. So, I purged out my room and got rid of 16 bags of things that just didn’t make me the slightest bit happy anymore or things I haven’t used in months.

You can read more about my minimalism journey and how I found it beneficial to being a military SO in my article, “Minimalism and the Military Girlfriend.”

This last weekend was my first trip to see Taylor after having gone through my minimizing phase. I wanted to minimize my packing too. Maybe if I was lucky and only took the things that I needed I could even save on the $50 dollars spent on having to check in a bag at the airport. My mind then flashed to all the time I waited, smashed in between a crowd of people waiting for my checked bag to whip its way through the conveyor belt to get to me when I finally reached my destination. And of course I would pack my closet so I’d go to try and lift my ridiculously heavy luggage off the belt and ended up getting dragged down the conveyor belt with it…

Mmm, no thank you. Not today.

So, this time around I only packed the essentials.

-Just enough clothes to get me by

-The one pair of shoes that were on my feet

-A toothbrush, hair brush, glasses, mascara

– A few magazines and things to do when T went to work


My two travel buddies: Victoria’s Secret travel bag and my purse!

As far as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. I just used a little of Taylor’s. If I got cold, I borrowed Taylor’s sweatpants. Anything that I didn’t really need but Taylor had available if I did I didn’t pack.

And let me tell you, my traveling experience was SO much easier. I didn’t worry about my bag getting lost or someone else picking it up. Everything I needed, phone charger, lotion, study materials, were all with me for the entire trip. I wasn’t dragged down the conveyor belt with my suitcase this time. And the absolute best part was I saved a solid $50 by just packing less.

So, here’s my tip for packing minimally…pack the things that you NEED. Do you really need that extra dress? Probably not. Those extra pair of sandals? Why not just take a black pair of sandals that goes with everything and stop at that. The things that are essential for living and for comfort are all that you need to take.

And sometimes the things you need to be comfortable will warrant a bigger suitcase if you are going away for more than a few days. But hell, if I can save that $50 every now and again that would make life that much easier on me. Really, I don’t need much more than the clothes on my back to be happy to see Taylor.

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