How to Travel to Hawaii for Cheap

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Hawaii packing

I never really thought I’d have the chance to go to Hawaii. I know it’s beautiful but my dad hates airplanes, family doesn’t travel much to begin with and it’s expensive so I never really had the urge or the means to go.

Enter Taylor, my boyfriend who chose Hawaii as his first pick of places to be stationed.

He told me a gallon of milk was about ten bucks a pop and I freaked out because if a stupid gallon of milk is that expensive how in the hell am I ever going to afford food, a plane ticket and a place to stay?

Some intense research and internet sleuthing taught me otherwise, however…

Timing is everything!

If you are looking to go to Hawaii just for a vacation then try and book in the off seasons like fall, for example. If you are a military significant other we don’t really have that luxury all the time but you can also try booking a flight at awkward times in the week. For example, leave on a Wednesday and come back on a Tuesday, etc.

 Beat the airline companies at their own game

Remember two things…

  1. Book your flights on Tuesdays at 3pm. A friend of mine told me that trick and I used  it this last time around and got the cheapest tickets I have seen for Hawaii thus far.

  2. DO NOT, I am telling you, DO NOT search for flights and then book them on the same device. I will always search for flight prices on my phone using Hopper and then go use a friend’s computer or my own to actually book the tickets when I know I am 100% ready to buy. Why? Because of cookies, which are small files on your computer that hold information on what you search and do on the internet. Hence why you browse a retail website and all of a sudden start seeing that retailer’s ads all over your Facebook. Same concept.


This website was a lifesaver for my wallet. An average hotel is around $130 a night in Hawaii. The home that I chose to rent off of AirBnB was only $108 a night and includes 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living area, a washing machine, a dryer, is close to the beach and the airport I will be flying into.

I now have a whole entire house in a convenient location vs. just a hotel room and it’s $20 cheaper a night. Also, there is a kitchen! So, we can cook our own food and save money by not eating out for every meal.

Pack Smart

I mentioned earlier that there is a washer and dryer in my AirBnB. This is important because I can wash my clothes and re-wear them instead of packing 50 different outfits.

My goal on this vacation is to only have a carry on bag and not have to pay $50 to check a bag at the airport. I’ve accomplished this on a previous trip and it was pretty successful so that will be my goal this time around too. To find out how I packed light click here!

Traveling to Hawaii was daunting at first. I had all the anxiety and stayed up late at night trying to budget out my money so I can afford this trip. By making just these cuts alone I saved about $450 in my travels.

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