I Am Finally Back and Have Brought a New, Slobbering, Furry Addition With Me

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I am currently writing on the patio of our new apartment with the newest addition to our family chewing my big toe. It has been a long year since I’ve moved to Washington state and I have just now started to find the time to write and tap into my creativity again. In the past year, the bar I work at shut down for a few months and then re-opened, we moved into our own apartment, I started taking clients for personal training and also became a certified nutrition specialist. But I am back, as balanced as I can be and happy to start creating again. In the midst of all of that, we also adopted Dougie, our golden retriever fur child, who has been a handful himself.

 The best way I could think of to come back is to introduce you all to this feisty little ball of fur. He has completely stolen my heart and I am OBSESSED with being a dog mom…like “crying at the animal store checkout counter while signing him up for puppy classes because he’s ‘growing up too fast'” obsessed.

And with this face how could I not be absolutely in love.


Dougie was born on a family farm in Tacoma, Washington. Taylor has been wanting this specific type of golden retriever so I put aside my “adopt, don’t shop” attitude for just this once and went along. When the puppies came of age, we went to visit and pick out the one we wanted. A little spot of hair was shaved on each of the puppy’s bellies so that both the farmers and you knew which one was yours.

We sat down in a grassy field while the farmer’s wife let the puppies loose out of a white fence playpen and one puppy sat right in my lap and rested his head on my arm. That was it. I was in love. No need to look any further! I lifted his belly, found that he had a little patch shaved on the upper left side and passed him to Taylor in hopes he might fall in love too.

Taylor is the realist in the relationship and liked the pup but wanted to give the others a chance too. We tried to play and hold other puppies but “upper left” just kept coming back, we’d put him down, he’d come back and the process just repeated itself over and over.

After a few cycles, upper left was laying in Taylor’s arms and I finally said, “We came here to choose Dougie but I think Dougie chose us.”

A few weeks later, we took “upper left” home and he has been our baby ever since.

My writing always centers around my passions so here’s to introducing my latest, furry topic of discussion. Settle in and get ready for a lot more adventures, wellness, military relationship successes and woes and a lot more Dougie.

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