Meet a MILSO Monday: Amberlee and Jedediah

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Written by Amberlee

Jed went to school with me for a few months. We never talked but we hung out with the same group of friends. On a Saturday/Sunday I decided to go to a friend’s fire/party instead of going to the Milwaukee Zoo.



I have to say that choosing the fire over the zoo was the best choice I’ve ever made! I finally talked to Jed that night. He asked to hang out the next day so I said yes! He lived about six miles from me. He decided to either walk or ride a bike to my house every day for a week.


The way he was able to find my house was by me taping a big piece of white paper to the tree in my front yard! After that week of hanging out every day he finally asked me to be his girlfriend at his welcome home party (he had been at the National Guard Challenge Academy for five months) and we have no been together  a little over a year and three months.



Half way through our relationship he decided he wanted to join the Navy and I told him that I wasn’t going anywhere. That I would support him the whole way. The photos are from when e first started dating to right before basic to after basic. He graduated August 7, 2015 and has been in A school since.


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