Meet a MILSO Monday: Hayley and Colin

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

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Written by Hayley:

My name is Hayley and my fiancé’s name is Colin. He is in the Marine Corps and is currently stationed overseas. We met a few years ago in a small restaurant where we both worked, I was a waitress and he was a line cook. We always flirted back and forth until one day he finally messaged me on Twitter (lol) I eventually gave him my number and he asked if I wanted to go on a date with him sometime. We ended up going to a movie and dinner at Applebee’s where we stayed until about 2 a.m. Must’ve been a great first date if I was willing to break curfew by two hours! hehe


About a couple months later, he left for bootcamp. Things were not official between us yet, we were still in that “talking stage.” We wrote letters to each other each day and in one of his letters he told me he was starting to fall in love with me! I knew I felt the same way. I went to his bootcamp graduation with his family and when he came home on boot leave, he asked me to be his official girlfriend on February 20th of 2014. He then went to Missouri for his job training and once that was over, his family and I went to his Military Police graduation. He came home on leave a few more times for long weekends before leaving for Japan for two years. It was the hardest goodbye we ever had to say. We had no idea what to expect living in two different countries for such a long amount of time.


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