Meet a MILSO Monday: Melanie

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Written by Melanie

Let’s See, where do I begin? We started dating a year and a half ago but we were friends for a long time. I knew he was leaving for bootcamp very shortly after we started dating and I was dreading it!

I spent the night at his house every night until he left. The day before he left he decided he couldn’t leave me. It didn’t feel right he said. So he never ended up going. It was very stressful being the reason he didn’t go.

But then about two months later, I sat him down and said I really think you should go in. It’s going to be good for us because we were arguing all the time. He went back to the recruiting center and begged for him to be let back in. Thankfully, they let him.


When he left, it was the hardest thing ever. I didn’t think I could do it. The eight weeks dragged on and on. When I saw him graduate, it was the best day of my life. When he was standing out there in position I just wanted to go and jump in his arms but obviously I couldn’t. When they said, “Congrats sailors! You may now exit,” I couldn’t get down those bleachers fast enough. I jumped in his arms for about two minutes and then his mom said, “Okay, okay. My turn!” We had a day and a half with him.

When he left for A school it broke my heart but now we Skype every night. He’s training to be a Seabee and I’m proud to be a Seabee sweetheart.

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