Our First Christmas In Pictures

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Instead of writing a big, long post about how my Christmas week with Taylor went I decided to do something a little different. So, here’s my Christmas week with Taylor… in pictures!


Whenever Taylor comes home, we always spend every night at a bar and pizza place called Fox’s. Taylor was a delivery driver there for awhile and one of my childhood best friends, Austin, is a server here (this is how me and T met). A lot of our friends work here and two of Taylor’s brothers work here. It’s become like a second home for us.


I actually don’t like hockey…at all. But T does so for Christmas he bought us Blackhawk’s tickets. Even though I don’t like hockey it was still a big deal for both of us. Besides that, how could I not have fun when there’s beer, hot dogs and obnoxious yelling involved?


It was also our first Christmas and we got to spend it together which was incredible. He met my whole family, ate Christmas dinner with us and we all opened presents together.


Some anchor gifts I got from my mom. Taylor also bought me an anchor necklace and a Navy girlfriend t-shirt which I am really happy about.


And this is the last picture we took before I went with him and his mom to the airport to say goodbye. Which, even though I’m going to fly out to see him in three weeks, was still really hard.

All in all, it was was amazing week and I am beyond blessed that Taylor was able to come home and be with me. This was honestly one of the best Christmases I have had in awhile.

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