Five Positives to Being in a Military/Long-Distance Relationship

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

One of my biggest missions in creating this blog was to bash the notion that long distance relationships or military relationships are bad or too hard. They don't have to be.

It is what you make of it and there are a lot of positives to it!

  1. You become productive

I personally feel like this is the best of both worlds of being single and being in a relationship. I have all of his support and love. I have a constant friend and a companion. But at the same time I get to work on bettering my own life. When I had boyfriends in high school I would always be spending time with them and never had as much time as I do now to get more schooling, write my blog, go to the gym, work a job, etc. I have the time and opportunity to improve. I can spend time with my family. I can make a life for MYSELF first.

Then when they time comes for me and Taylor to close the distance, I will be standing on solid ground.


How much more productive can you be than graduating college?

2. More vacations!

Who doesn’t want to travel more? When you have a stable job and a family, it’s hard to drop everything every couple of months to go somewhere. Well here is your excuse! Every three months I press the pause button on my life and go away for a week to see my boy. I’ve found this to be extremely healthy on my work life especially.

And I now have the chance to travel all over the country and maybe even the world. I know Charleston by heart these days. Next, I might know Hawaii by heart or Washington or wherever else they send them. I have no idea where I will go next and that’s exciting for me.

3. You get more mail…and not the bill kind either.

You get letters and packages and surprise flowers. Tell me how that’s so bad?


4. The love is multiplied by a hundred

This is different for every couple, of course, but me and Taylor love each other ten times harder and I think it is all because of the distance. I don’t see or talk to him as much so when I finally do get that chance it is unlike anything I have ever felt before. It’s like the honeymoon stage of every relationship…but all the time.

In a long distance relationship, you have no choice. You have to love more and work harder for it. Letters have to be sent, time has to be put aside for Skype dates, seeing each other has to be planned, presents need to be bought two months in advance for them to come in time but believe me you reap the benefits from it.

I have never had this much love in one relationship especially one where my boyfriend lived five minutes away.

5. You become a part of something far bigger than yourself

I remember seeing my first military graduation. I stood in the rain with Taylor’s mom and I watched him walk across the stage looking so handsome in his dress whites. People were screaming but I couldn’t hear them. Hell, I was probably cheering too but I didn’t hear that either. I was too busy watching what was unfolding in front of my eyes.

The hair on my arms stood up and I know it wasn’t from the chill of the rain. I realized what all of this meant. What he was doing not only for himself but for me, for his family and the whole country was far bigger than just our relationship. It’s quite humbling.

Every person is different. Every relationship is different. I realize that not all relationships work out. But my advice is that it’s worth a try. You never know unless you do at least that.  I spent a lot of time considering if this kind of relationship was worth it. Deciding my answer was yes might just be the best thing that has ever happened to me thus far.

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