The Three Things You Need To Be A Military Significant Other

For two years I have had more people than I can count ask me, “How do you do it?”

And I have never had an answer. I didn’t really know how, I just did.

But after two years of getting asked this question and then asking myself, “Yeah… how the hell do I do this?” on my car rides back home I have finally come up with the answer.

So, here it goes. The three things that you need to have in order to be a military girlfriend:

Genuine Love

No, not the puppy love you have for Ryan Gosling (However, I totally understand). Authentic love.  That one seems obvious doesn’t it? But it’s not. It needs to be the serious kind that you see yourself having for life.

If you want this relationship to work there are no ifs, ands or buts. It needs to be solid and with your best friend. These relationships don’t end well if you or your partner aren’t all in from the get go.

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You need to be okay with being alone

And I’m not saying you need to be a pro. Heaven knows that I’m not. If you were 100% okay with being alone then a relationship wouldn’t be necessary to begin with.

You need to be okay with being independent and hustling on your own for a while until your SO comes back. Coming home to an empty house. Acting as a single parent for a while. Holding down a house. And if you absolutely need good morning texts every day then this is definitely not for you.

This is something that can be learned but will be a definite struggle and it is something that is vital for making all of this work. Be secure in yourself, your relationship and your partner.



No need to adjust your glasses. You need beverages in your life in order to be a MILSO. The three main food groups are: coffee, liquor and milkshakes. Coffee for when you need to motivate yourself to hustle. Liquor for when you need to relax or calm your mind. Wine is totally acceptable too! And milkshakes for the hard days when you can’t hold back your tears and also for celebratory things like homecomings.

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