Three Tips For Booking The Cheapest Flight

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

In my 22 years on this earth, I have never had to book a flight anywhere. But I always thought how hard could it be? Google some flight options, pick a good one, and be done with it. Well, I thought wrong.

I figure that a lot of military girlfriends go through this as well especially when new to this experience. So, I made a list of three things I learned and mistakes I made in hopes that maybe someone else can avoid them.

  1. Book your flight early.

Don’t wait. Rates for flights are usually much lower the earlier you book. Cheap said that 47 days is the “sweet spot” for booking flights but one to four months in advance is good.

2. Don’t always assume that bundle deals are actually deals…

I checked out sites like Priceline and Expedia and they both had what are called bundle deals where you can book a hotel, a flight, and even rent a car for one price. How convenient, right?

Well, yes, it is convenient. It saves the trouble of having to book everything separately and gives one price to pay. Some of the time these bundle deals can actually be cheaper than booking everything separately. But I made the mistake of assuming that they are always cheaper until someone suggested to me that I should check out the rates for booking a flight and hotel separately. It turned out that it was cheaper to book them all separately.

3. The price of flights changes constantly

We are talking within an hour. I remember looking at flights in the morning and then again at night and they would go up or down that fast. So, always be checking because you never know when a deal can come up.

Along with this, also be aware that tickets go fast and even though you might not think so, hundreds of people are looking for the same tickets you are. I was on one site and it said in the corner that 500 other people were looking at the same tickets I was at that exact moment. Now, this could be a little bit of an exaggeration of the site to create a sense of urgency to buy a ticket now but it kind of shocked me.

As further proof of this, in the beginning of my search, I found a really good flight for a decent price. I had picked out a round-trip ticket, picked my seats, filled out all of my information, and went to pay when it informed me that in the time it took for me to do all of that someone had already bought my tickets. Be hasty, my friends.

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