Turning Twenty-Three in Charleston…in Pictures

Updated: Jan 27, 2021


Twenty-three is such an eh age to turn. Not twenty-one anymore but not quite old enough to be a full on adult either. But as far as twenty-third birthdays go, I’d say I had the best.


I got my first tattoo. Each letter is written by a different member in my family taken from cards they wrote me, marriage certificates, etc. Taylor got a tattoo of a boxing kangaroo.


Taylor kicked my butt in mini golf.

We went to Waffle House because  it is literally my favorite breakfast place. Then we went to visit Legare Farms where we took a nature walk and fed some turtles.


Lots of beer, blood and hockey.

We went to Magnolia Plantation (highly recommend) and fed some deer. This one particular deer fell in love with Taylor and kept kissing him. They had really yummy sweet tea and I also suggest taking a train tour of the plantation. I told Taylor that when we get married we’ll have a big wedding in Illinois and then come back to Magnolia Plantation and get married again because of how lovely it is. Literally one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in Charleston…and who wouldn’t love feeding some cute deer?

The rest of the time I met Taylor’s friends. I have met some of his friends before but I could tell that me meeting this particular group was a big deal for him. Needless to say, I loved every single one of them. I had my birthday dinner at Mac’s Place downtown (again, highly recommend). However, I think the absolute best birthday present I got was just spending time with Taylor. Hearing him laugh, not over a phone or a computer screen, but in person. See him smile and hear his heart beat at night. Best. Birthday.

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