Two Simple Rules for Your Sub Ball/Navy Ball Dress

Dress shopping for Sub Ball was so stressful and, when I look back on it, it really didn’t have to be. I spent hours looking through my military girlfriend Facebook groups for advice and I signed out feeling more confused than when I first logged in.

“You can only show one: your back, your cleavage or your legs.”

“You need to represent your sailor and yourself.”

” Don’t wear your prom dress.”

“Don’t show your midsection.”

“Don’t order your dress online.”

Blah, blah blah.

I spent full days hopping from dress shop to dress shop and scrolling through site after site of dress options online trying to fit all these “rules” that I thought my dress had to abide by.

sub ball2

I finally found a dress that fit me and my budget and broke a rule or two but I didn’t care at that point.  I went through all of that stress to learn that none of the millions of “rules” I read online even mattered.

So, let me make this simple for you..

1.Dress to represent yourself, your sailor and your family

I’m not kidding when I say that I saw ALL sorts of dresses and kinds of women at this event. Some girls just wore summer dresses, some wore full out prom dresses, some wore dresses that barely covered anything at all. One girl wore flip flops under her fancy ball gown.

Don’t worry about, “pick one to show: back, cleavage or leg” or “you don’t want to wear anything cheap” or “it has to be simple and elegant”.

Wear a dress that is comfortable, that looks good on you and that you wouldn’t mind meeting your SO’s higher ups in. Simple. As. That.

2. Wear comfortable shoes

This isn’t so much about your dress but my God…wear comfortable shoes. I personally chose to wear a pair of new black shoes with a 5 inch heel and it was the biggest mistake. I still have scars on my feet from the blisters and I ended up walking around barefoot, heels in hand, after the main event was done.

sub ball

Sub Ball was all about celebrating the submarine force and all the amazing things it has accomplished. While I did meet a lot of higher ups and their significant others, it wasn’t quite as formal and uptight as I had believed.

Learn from my mistakes and simply pick a dress that you are comfortable in and makes you feel great. Nothing matters more than that.

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