What Closing the Distance Has Taught Me Thus Far

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Two months ago, I packed my entire life up into my Honda Civic and drove across the country to finally close this damn distance between Taylor and I. I insisted to my mom, who came along for the ride so I wouldn’t get mugged or kidnapped, that I wanted to drive the entire way. I savored every mile that got me closer to him.


Eating Doughnuts in Denver, CO

I want to tell you that my road trip and these past two months have been nothing but amazing and a breeze…but that’s not what I started this blog for. The truth is that these past two months have been beautiful and wonderful and I’ve been living my best life but it has also been a constant rollercoaster.

I’ve said a million goodbyes. I’ve cried. Me and Taylor have always known what our relationship looked like long distance but now we had to figure what it looked like in the same household. I had three panic attacks during our road trip here. My car broke down in Boise, Idaho. I rejected jobs and accepted them and then, today, I lost my current job because the owner got incredibly sick and the pub shut down. I’ve made new friendships. I had to find where my new favorite grocery store and coffee shop are. I went to IKEA, bought a new nightstand, went home to build it and completely screwed the entire thing up and Taylor had to drill new holes into it so we could fix it. I go to bed to the sound of sea lions going, “AR,AR,AR” in the bay.  I’ve learned what it is like to not spend Thanksgiving with your family. I rarely used to call my mom and dad because we lived together and now you can catch me cell phone in hand any time something slightly inconveniences my life. Getting a new driver’s license, plates and car insurance has been a two-month process that I am still not done with. I’ve laughed until I cried. I learned how to make sweet potato casserole.

It. has. been. a. process.

And even if it hasn’t been the easiest process, it has been 100%, hands down worth every second. I’m not only saying that because it has, so far, worked out for Taylor and I. Even if I got here and it didn’t work out between us and I had to pack my stuff back into my Civic and go home to Chicago, it would have still been worth it. I’ve experienced a side of life I would have never known if I didn’t leave Illinois.  Our relationship would have been stuck where it has always been if I didn’t decide to close the distance.


My advice is to go for it. Close the distance. Move to a new state. Move to a new country. Find a new job. There will never be a perfect or opportune time for you to pack up your life and go. Life doesn’t pause or wait for anybody.

Build a life you love and if it doesn’t turn out to be what you thought, then start from the bottom and try again.

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