What’s In My Care Package: Caffeine Edition

Updated: Jan 23, 2021


I’m not sure I would consider any of Taylor’s schooling to be easy but Prototype has by far been the worst…for both him and me. I’m seriously lucky if I get three texts from him a day because he is either sleeping or working a twelve-hour shift which is no fault of his own.

But I always feel bad. I wish I could do something to help him: Fold his laundry, do the dishes maybe, make a lunch for him. So, I did the next best thing and made a care package.

I’m always a sucker for themed care packages and deciding what theme to do for this one was easy. Every time I ask him how he is he simply replies, “tired.”

Easy! One caffeine care package coming right up.

Decorating was simple! I remembered seeing the saying on a card at the grocery store the other day so I used it. Just bought a few sheets of card stock to cover the sides and cut out the lettering and simply printed the coffee mug off of the internet.

The easiest caffeine items to add are Starbucks instant coffee packets, energy drink packets, tea pouches, or powdered coffee creamer.


However, I also added a little tube of toothpaste, some deodorant that smelled like heaven and a Star Wars toothbrush that I thought might make him smile. I figure he doesn’t have a lot of time or energy to go out and buy these things so I just delivered them to his door instead.


Next came the food. I found these granola bars with caffeine and vitamins in them so I thought a box of those could be helpful. Also, gum, KIND bars, Cliff bars, some Skippy peanut butter bites and, of course, a box of his beloved popcorn. All healthy choices that have a little fuel to keep him going. You could also choose to add instant coffee or tea packets!

All of my items came to about 26 dollars at Walmart. Not too shabby.

Last but not least, I also sent him a card. Last weekend was a good friend’s birthday and all of Taylor’s friends and old co-workers were going to be there. So, I brought a blank card and had everyone sign (even people he didn’t really know) wishing him a happy birthday along with whatever else they wanted to tell him.


While I can’t be there to give him hugs on a rough day or iron his uniform for him, there is always something that can be done to help. My care package, including shipping costs, decorating and what went inside was about 30 dollars. A small price to pay to help out someone you love and remind them that you care.

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